Sunday, 8 June 2014

Weekly Workouts - WC 2nd June

I can’t believe it’s June already – this year has been flying by! The good news is I’m still on track with my New Year’s Resolution (for the first time ever!) to make 2014 a healthier year.

Last week I went for my health check-up and I was weighed again. This time I weighed in at 52.6kg, so I guess I’m still losing weight although I’m eating plenty.

On Monday/Tuesday we had a few rain showers – the monsoon is on its way! I completely missed both as I was at work during the first shower, and the second one happened in the middle of the night. These showers cool the temperature for a few hours and then the humidity rises making everyone turn into a sticky, sweaty puddle. Not ideal weather for running.

I ran home from the office on Monday and Thursday. I am really enjoying these runs as they feel like I’m running for a purpose. I’m not sure it’s safe to run home during the rains. This is nothing to do with traffic, but because the roads and pavements are SOOOOOOOO bad in Mumbai (we actually have pot-hole and pavements campaigns in the newspaper where you can send photos of the many danger spots that cause problems).

Wednesday was intervals day, and I’m not sure of the final distance I ran as my Nike app only tracked 14 minutes worth of the 30 I did.

I attempted to get up and run early in the morning today – massive fail! If I’m going to run early, then I’ll have to significantly change my sleeping habits. Unfortunately they are based around my working hours and the fact I need a few hours to unwind once I get back from the office.

My mixie is working well. Love its ability to grind up flax seeds to add to my food (good source of omega 3 for a veggie like me). I’ve used it several times to make smoothies, and it did a fab job for my pav bhaji.

The Abs challenge is well underway. I realized on Friday that I’d skipped day 5 and already done day 6, so I did it again. Keep moving forward – no going back. 

The first step in being able to do a really good handstand is being able to hold a really strong plank. As the plank is one of the things I’m working on with the Abs challenge, I’ve decided to focus on that alone for the next month, which is what I need to do for the Handstand challenge anyway!

My workouts this week:

Monday: 3.2 miles home from office + Abs Day 2
Tuesday:  Abs Day 3
Wednesday: Intervals – 10 x (2 mins fast, 1 min slow) ~ 3 miles (Day 4 abs was a rest day)
Thursday: 3.31 miles home from office – This was a slow run, and I ran most of the way… I’m improving + Abs day 6 (oops!)
Friday: Abs day 6 on the right day this time J
Saturday:  Abs day 7 + Runner’s World Essential Yoga after my run.
Sunday: 4 miles run due tonight… more on this next week. (Abs day 8 is a rest day)

My run home on Thursday... I live close to the beach but never go there!

Happy running...

Tell me...
  • Do you run in the morning, afternoon or at night? Or do you change it up?
  • Any tips for running in the rain / monsoon?