Sunday, 1 June 2014

Weekly Workouts - WC 26th May

This week has been hot, hot, hot! According to, it’s currently 33°C (91°F) but it feels like 41°C (106°F). 

I work odd hours and find it really difficult to get up early in the morning when it’s coolest, so I tend to work out after sunset. That means it’s difficult to get good pics of my running route etc.
I tried running home from work this week – not everyday, just on my scheduled run days. It’s only 2.3 miles (3.7km) using the route I took.
  • Saves time – going home in company transport often takes around 30 minutes. When I get home I feed Coco, get changed and then go out for a run. This often takes quite some time.
  • Happier dog – If I run home, then I don’t have to go back out so Coco is happier!
  • A new route – Far less boring than running round in circles in the compound of my building.

  • Running on the side of a very busy road – Not the most ideal place to run, but there is plenty of space along most of the route. There are a few dodgy stretches with lots of pot holes or less space, but I can walk at those spots.
  • A lungful of pollution – I don’t think there’s any getting away from this in suburban Mumbai. Even if I run in my compound I’ll still get a lungful of nasty, as it’s right next to a busy road. I’ll need to move if I’m truly going to escape from this hazard.
  • Safety – I’m running at night, on the side of a road. I’ve picked a well-lit route where there are plenty of people around. My running gear has reflective bits on it. I run against the traffic and on pavements wherever possible.
  • Stuff – either I have to carry my work clothes and lunchbox home with me in a backpack, or I have to leave it in the office overnight. Luckily I don’t run every day, so I can work this out. The only thing I’m really struggling with is how to get my glasses home safely. I might have to wear them while I run; otherwise I think I need a new pouch to strap onto my water belt…

I ran home on Monday and Wednesday, and will continue next week at least to see how it goes. Soon the Monsoon will start in Mumbai, so I’m not sure how this will work during the rainy season. I guess I’ll have to see how it goes!

I started to transition into a new job role at work – the next few weeks are going to be super stressful as I find my feet; I must ensure that my running time does not suffer. Exercise will be essential in keeping me sane.

I bought a new mixer/grinder (an essential for Indian cooking and so handy for so many things – don’t know how I managed without one before I moved here!)
Oster Mixer-Grinder = Useful

I joined two challenges – a 30 day one for Abs and a 28 day one for Handstands! June will be the month of Abs and Handstands :)

I aspire to this

I had a quick weight/BMI/body fat/muscle mass check up done (full health check due tomorrow – need to fast for 12 hours). I was pleasantly surprised by my results.
I am 5’1” and weigh 54.1 kg (119 lbs) so my BMI is around 22. When I gave blood a few months back I was 57kg, and whilst I don’t know exactly how much I weighed at the end of last year, it must have been at least 60 kg. The running and exercise are definitely helping.
My body fat is too high and my muscle mass too low. I need to up the amount of strength work I’m doing and keep the junk food to a minimum.
Finally, my metabolic age is currently 40, which is only 3 years off my actual age. I hate to think what it would have been 6 months back! In a few more months I’m sure I’ll be back to my actual age (or lower).

My workouts this week:
Monday: 2.5 miles – new route home from work. I carried a backpack. I didn’t get on with this too well.
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday: 3.12 miles – ran back from work again and added a lap around my compound to increase the mileage. Left my kit at work and ran with just my running belt.
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
5k test run – didn’t go too well. {My right calf was super tight, even though I’d stretched out and warmed up. I managed to run for 1.5 miles before I decided that the rest of the way would have to be run-walk. This speeded things up a little.}  
Runner’s World Recovery Yoga after my run.
30 day Abs challenge – day 1 (15 sit ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises, 10 sec plank); 
28 day Handstand challenge – day 1 (5 minutes of planks/handstand visualisation)

So love this – New running app

Happy running...

Tell me...
  • Are you doing any challenges this month?
  • Do you run home from the office? Any tips?