Saturday, 10 May 2014

Beginning my Exercise Plan

After I made the decision on Christmas Day to get started, I didn't want to wait even another day!
Running had not crossed my mind at this point, only exercising was on my radar. I had come across a health and fitness website sometime before, and had been impressed with its scientific approach (I'm a former Maths and IT teacher with a BSc in Nerdiness, so these things matter).
A workout series on this website caught my eye and it seemed perfect for me. I easily get bored so a workout with plenty of variety is important to me, and this seemed to offer just that.
So what workout caught my eye? Greatist's Workout of the Day (GWOD) is an online health and fitness magazine. They publish daily articles with tips, news, recipes and much more. Their website claims:

Bet you've never met a health site like this

We don't tell you what healthy means. Instead, we celebrate choosing whatever healthy means to you.
    Seriously, we cite every fact with a scientific study!
  • REAL
    We give you a realistic view about health.
  • FUN
    Once we put a Shake Weight to the test…

What's a Greatist?

We're so glad you asked! Our belief that is you don't have to be the greatest all the time, but instead, just be a greatist: Someone who chooses to fit small healthier choices into their everyday life. A greatist...
  • likes making healthier choices because it makes them feel good.
  • is up for trying tabata workouts, mud runs, or even naked yoga.
  • enjoys cupcakes, but doesn't mind baking them with whole-wheat flour and shredded carrots.
  • knows the importance of being healthy, but also knows health takes work.
  • realizes that health is about feeling better, not looking better.
  • is someone who doesn't take things too seriously and always knows that healthy is happy.

So what's so special about their workout of the day series?
The series changes every couple of weeks. Different fitness specialists bring different types of workout to you.

When I began there was a series of Tabata exercises, different for every workout and I could choose whether I wanted to workout 2, 3 or 4 times a week. I didn't need any complicated equipment, just my exercise mat and my hand weights made from water-filled soda bottles!
The plan was flexible and fun, filled with variety. There were links to videos to show me how to perform the exercises.
Since then there have been many different types of workouts, something for everyone! When the latest set of workouts isn't to my fancy, I just go back to one of the earlier sets that I enjoyed.
Greatist... It's the greatest!
(sorry, but I couldn't resist... The cheerleader in me escaped for a moment there)

Happy exercising...
(Please note: I'm not affiliated with Greatist in any way, shape or form, I just like their workouts)

Tell me...
  • What's your favourite workout?
  • Can you keep doing the same stuff day in, day out?
  • How do you add variety to your workouts?