Monday, 5 May 2014

Weekly Workouts - WC 28th April

A few weeks ago I was struck down with a nasty cold and at the same time things kicked into overdrive at work and I ended up (unexpectedly) back in the training room. For 10 whole days I didn't have the energy to run or workout. 
When my energy finally returned, I jumped in a little too quickly in my first run back and ended up with a nasty stitch that just wouldn't go. I hobbled my way through the first half of that run and still had to slow walk for a lot of the second half too. 

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 2.52 miles, 43:00 minutes! Stitch
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 2.48 miles, 27:55 minutes, Intervals 13 x (1 minute fast, 1 minute slow)
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 2.70 miles, 34:43 minutes
Sunday: 40 minutes brisk walk with my dog, Coco 

Next week I'll up my game a little, and get some strength work going.

Happy Running  

Tell me...
When you've been out for a few days due to illness or injury, how does it affect you?