Sunday, 25 May 2014

Weekly Workouts - WC 19th May

So this week was a much better week 
  • The tummy problems I had last week have gone away.
  • I took 3 days off from work for a bit of R&R.
  • I got crafty (as I do when I get some time off) and made a cute clutch.
  • I had some yummy Green Thai Curry and Strawberry Baked Cheesecake - Takeaway Treat!
  • I made a fab breakfast/post workout smoothie - recipe coming soon...
  • I made muskmelon vodka cocktails (blended muskmelon, lightly frozen; a splash of vodka; topped up with soda).
  • And I ran, did my strength workout and yoga too! 

My workouts:
Monday: 1.50 miles – super-hot weather
Tuesday:  Essential Yoga, from Runner’s World 
Wednesday: morning – Abs and Bodyweight strength workouts – left me sweating; evening – Intervals 12 x (1.5 mins fast, 1 min slow) = 3.18 miles in 30 mins
Thursday: 2.60 miles – slow; lead legs today
Friday: Rest
Saturday:  Stretching
Sunday: 4.10 mile easy run – longest run to date…

All in all, a great week!

Happy running...

Tell me...
  • Do you use Nike Running? What's your colour? What's your total distance? (I'm Orange - total 48.28 miles)
  • What's your favourite takeaway treat?
  • Do you have a Yoga workout you would recommend?