Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekly Workouts - WC 5th May

I intended to add strength work to my program this week, and failed miserably. A work trip to Pune did me in with extremely long days and I just couldn't motivate myself. Although I did add my Yoga back in for a nice stretch... flexibility is important!

Whilst I was in Pune, I randomly saw this scene from my window at the guesthouse where I was staying...

Yes, that's a man taking his goat for a walk! I just want to add that this is not out in the sticks... Pune is a fairly big city, and this is currently a little bit of wasteland between a whole bunch of apartments, office blocks and a big shopping mall.

Monday: 3.02 miles, 35:59 minutes
Tuesday: Scheduled 
Rest day 
Wednesday: Rest day due to Pune trip
Rest day due to Pune trip
Friday: 3.30 miles, 42:07 minutes
Saturday: Yoga 

Sunday: 3.12 miles, 41.49 minutes 

I commit to adding strength work next week, even though I'm in Pune for a few days again.

Happy running...

Tell me...
  • What are your tips for exercising when you're away from home?
  • How do you motivate yourself to exercise when you're tired?