Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Weekly Workouts - WC 12th May

Ok, so last week I made a commitment to myself to add strength work into my workout routine...Instead I got taken out by a nasty case of food poisoning!

I went to Pune extremely early on Monday morning, and after a 4 hour journey, spent close to 12 hours in the office and something I ate did not agree with me. Tuesday in the office was a living nightmare, as I battled with griping stomach cramps and drowsiness from the medicine I took, followed with a 4 hour journey home.

My balcony in Pune

The 'view' from my balcony

My room - spacious and clean

Wednesday and Thursday were no better. Long hours in the office and the stomach cramps were still with me. Not to mention the extreme temperatures and humidity in Mumbai in May... I was dehydrated in the 10 minutes it took to go from my apartment, out on to the street and catch a rickshaw. Running was out of the question.

Ice cream helps with the heat (strawberry - yum)

 The cramps finally disappeared during the long hours in the office on Friday, and by Saturday night I was feeling 100%, so on Sunday I went for my only run of the week. I didn't do any yoga or strength work at all - my good intentions wiped out by a bite of bad food...

Back to the workouts:
Monday - Saturday: Food poisoning = REST
Sunday: 3.12 miles non-stop for the first time, 43:59 minutes, 30 deg C, 78% humidity

On an entirely random note, this made me laugh on our morning walk on Thursday. The crow, as always, is squawking at my dog, Coco (who is off to the left), and this kitty is eying him up for breakfast!
"Come closer so I can eat you!"

Let's see what happens next week...

Happy running...

Tell me...
  • What are your tips for battling a bad tummy?
  • What did you see that made you laugh this week?